Nowhere in North America will you see such a highly curated and scrutinized group of historic race cars, like at Sonoma Speed Festival. The world’s most valuable and prized automobiles come from far and away, where they will celebrate history through racing and exhibits over 4 days in sunny northern California. Each car is accepted to participate based on its authenticity, race provenance and historical accuracy.

The event relives motorsport history at an iconic circuit, Sonoma Raceway, formerly known as Sears Point Raceway. Created in 1968, this 2.52 mile, 12 turn track has been part of America‚Äôs golden years of sports car racing and is still one of America’s premier road racing circuits. In addition to the entertaining on-track action, there are autograph opportunities with legendary drivers, Q&A sessions, exhibition laps, fine wine and local food and beer among the weekends activities.