In 2021, the Sonoma Speed Festival will gather an extraordinary group of vintage racing vehicles for a celebration of flat-out wheel-to-wheel competition at the Illustrious Sonoma Raceway—one of the world’s most notable and challenging race tracks located in the heart of California’s Wine Country.

Participants will have the experience of a lifetime, stepping back into the ‘golden days’ of racing, when courageous drivers piloted powerful automobiles. With the world’s most important cars edging for glory around the sweeping hills and curves of this classic Wine Country circuit, Sonoma Speed Festival is an adventure not to be missed.

The track will provide fans and enthusiasts with a variety of outstanding experiences, with premier accommodations and scenic viewing options from which spectators can observe almost the entire track in style and comfort. When not watching a nail-biter on the track, guests will find historic and cultural exhibits in the paddock which will unravel the Evolution of Speed.

Throughout the weekend Brass Era to contemporary racing vehicles will be featured within the exhibits along with focused displays for vintage dragsters, concepts, prototypes and numerous other subjects. The region’s spectacular restaurants, wine, beer and coffee will be offered as well, providing visitors with the opportunity to experience the area’s cuisine and car culture in a unique environment.